Toronto, eh?

View of CN Tower from Toronto Union Station (edited, obviously)

OCT 17, 2015 – From Kingston I took a bus to Toronto. Since I already knew the city, I had only planned one night there. But as it turns out, Brandon, my other roommate from Kingston, now lives here. He hosted me and took me to a nice bar near Greektown. Being reminded of Toronto’s nightlife made me regret a bit that I had so little time. At least I went for a little bike ride the next morning and was able to secure a cheese cake from Uncle Tetsu’s shop – a new and very hyped Japanese bakery in downtown. I only went there because there was no line, but the cheese cake was really delicious. A shameful detail that remained unchanged is the arrivals hall of the bus terminal – since 2010, passengers get dumped in front of a locked building with an unhelpful sign on it (see below). One would expect a more welcoming reception in such a large and generally well-organized city.

Sign at the bus terminal (since 2010)

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