Nancagua, Colchagua valley

MAR 12, 2016 – From ChiloĆ© I took a bus towards Santiago and changed in San Fernando to get to the village of Nancagua. I had found a CouchSurfing host by the name of Felipe who lived there with his parents. The reason why I chose this general area was that I wanted to see one of the wine regions of Chile, and it turned out I had chosen the right host: Felipe’s father was about to harvest his grapes, and Felipe drove me around the valley to visit some of the wineries (ViuManent, Montes, Lapostolle). Besides learning a lot about the local wines and their production, I also found some that I really liked and later ordered at home. The valley’s central town, Santa Cruz, felt very sleepy – I barely managed to find an open restaurant – but then again, it was Sunday evening. On Monday, before leaving, I briefly visited an English class that Felipe was teaching. Unfortunately his students were very hard to motivate, and didn’t seem to be learning a lot.

Fresh wine after only a week of fermentation

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