Quellón and an attempt to reach Inío

MAR 9, 2016 – It turned out that Tantauco National Park was very hard to access since they only allowed through hikes when a flight from or to Inío was bought, which was very expensive. They seemed to be working on a better solution, but they didn’t seem very flexible or keen on finding a way for us to visit the park. Nevertheless, Jeff and me decided to give it a try and look for a fishing boat in Quellón that would take us to Inío. From there we could at least have visited the southern part of Tantauco park. Unfortunately we arrived during a “marea roja” (red tide), a kind of algal bloom that makes all marine animals unsafe to eat (see Wikipedia). Therefore no fisherman was going to that village, and a public boat link to it was only going to start operating in a few days. Nevertheless, it was a nice challenge to try and get information from the local fishermen, and we spent a night in a cute little hotel along the coast. Finally we gave up and decided to go for a three-day hike in Parque Nacional de Chiloé.

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