Going East

Hundertwasser’s apartment building, with trees growing on top

APR 5, 2016 – From Santiago de Chile I traveled back to Switzerland on my longest flight connection ever, which safely brought me to Zurich in 26 hours, with Stopovers in Panama, Punta Cana, and Frankfurt. I then spent a few days relaxing, organizing photos, and preparing the next stage of my trip. Over Easter I went skiing with a group of friends, to make sure I didn’t miss out on Winter entirely. It was in early April that I boarded a train to Vienna, with the goal of exploring the railway route to Bucharest and eventually reaching Bulgaria by land.

In Vienna I visited my friend Laura and went to see some nice places I hadn’t been to during my first stay in 2010. In particular, I was fascinated by the colorful art of Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

The “smallest house of Vienna”
Fruits and vegetables at the Naschmarkt, where many of the sellers are Bulgarians
Useful statistics on display in a subway station

The magnificent Museum of Natural History

On display: Magellanic woodpeckers, the ones I saw in Patagonia two months earlier
Hundertwasser museum
Passage allowed “until further notice”
Austrian parliament building
Schönbrunn castle

Chimney at Hundertwasser’s Fernwärme Wien

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