Gold Mines and Boat Rides

SEP 22, 2015 – After breakfast and a visit to the Amatok falls, we had to refill our water supply by filtering rainwater from a house nearby. We then went for a walk through some of the small-scale mining sites in the area. They mine mostly gold there, and even though the surface is much smaller than in industrial mining, the affected pieces of rainforest are destroyed completely.
We then took a boat further up the river, pulling it up a slope along the way to avoid some rapids. Our next camp was a pretty fancy guesthouse with rainwater-powered toilets and showers.

Amatok Falls
Amatok Falls
Small-scale mining facility

The journey to Amatok

SEP 21, 2015 – On Monday we left Georgetown early on a minibus to Mahdia. The road was decent at first, but later became a pretty uneven dirt road. We had a tasty lunch at one of the gas stations. In the late afternoon we arrived in Mahdia, where we loaded some fuel and continued towards a boat dock, where a little motor boat was awaiting us, and a miners’ bar sold us a beer after this long journey. The boat then took us onto a little island where we spent the first night in our new hammocks.


Sunset in Georgetown

SEP 20, 2015 – Sunset after a first day in Georgetown, where I met up with my travel group for the  next two weeks after landing at 7am. We spent the day exploring the architecture, market, supermarket, and parks of Georgetown. We also didn’t fail to taste the local rum – Eldorado 12yo is supposed to be the best.


Hi / Hoi / Salut / Ciao / Hej / Zdrasti

I have created this space to upload some photos from my travels. My goal is to take at least one good photo every day, and share the best photos whenever I get internet access, which may happen at irregular intervals. This is not meant to be a travel guide, but rather a collection of memories and hopefully a few works of art. The text will be kept to a minimum. I am a beginner at photography, so your opinion on the photos is highly appreciated. Enjoy and thanks for following!