Camera gone!

Me in Buenos Aires, taking one of the last pictures with my camera
Me in Buenos Aires, taking one of the last pictures with my camera

FEB 9, 2016 – I have to fast-forward to Buenos Aires here. As I was walking through the city center with my brother, my camera was robbed from me by a gang of about 4 people. In the process, I lost a few days of photos. Here is a short summary of what I did during these days.

On Feb 5, I visited the mines of Potosí with a tour group. It was a very impressive tour that showed me the simple methods and bad safety precautions that are used by miners there. We also had the opportunity to buy gifts for the miners on the local market.

The same afternoon, I set out to travel to Sucre with a French couple. Due to a truck drivers’ strike, the road was blocked in several places, so this trip was a bit of an adventure. After riding a taxi and a bus, walking about a kilometer, going over a dirt road in a colectivo and taking a crowded taxi with a near-blind driver, we finally arrived in the center of Sucre. The city was beautiful, and carneval led to a constant risk of having water balloons thrown at you.

After a night and a day in Sucre, I took another domestic flight that brought me to Santa Cruz de la Sierra. I only had one evening there and went to watch the carneval parade. The next morning I flew to Buenos Aires.

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